Welcome to the new paradigm in cycling fit

We are very passionate about fit here at Concept Cyclery. So passionate in fact, that we have designed and built a personalized fit studio unlike any in the industry. We are very proud to be the fit studio of choice for a diverse group of pro athletes that range from Becky and Brian Lavelle to Rudy Garcia-Tolson (Go Rudy!).

Fit StudioOur ultimate goal here at Concept Cyclery is to enhance everyone's riding experience, regardless if that is a weekly ride in the neighborhood with the kids, or an Ironman Triathlon. With that in mind, we set out on a path to build a unique fit studio that can truly benefit anyone who rides.

Specialized Bicycle Company has spent many millions of dollars designing incredible bikes and gear with one overriding theme: performance through design integration. That means integration of clothes, shoes, saddle, gloves, bike, handlebar, etc. to work together. They have also been industry leaders in bringing sophisticated fit technologies to the masses in BGFit (Body Geometry Fit).

So we decided to take an integration approach to our fit Studio as well. We integrate the BGFit dual camera position analysis software with a CompuTrainer Power System, cleat placement system, and a virtual reality visual system, just to make sure you are as close as possible to real world conditions when we fit you.

Fit StudioWe assembled a team that includes an exercise physiologist and a triathlete training coach as well as some of the top fitting specialists from all over the United States, trained in every major fitting school in America including BGFit, Fit Institute of Slow Twitch (F.I.S.T.) and the Serotta International Cycling Institute (SICI).

We have integrated professionals like Dr. Armen Agacanyan, who focuses on the very unique requirements of athletes, as well as our newest partner, Pinnacle Training Systems. They are the premiere VO2 testing group in California, unlike any other on the West Coast. VO2 Testing 2.5mb.mov VO2 Testing 21mb.m4v Usually this level of sophistication is reserved for sports medicine complexes charging many thousands of dollars and usually reserved for only the top elite athletes.

So how does it work and how much does it cost? We are glad you asked. First, you give us a call and set up an appointment. You let us know what fit goal you are thinking about. We have some examples listed to the right. The average cost is $350.00.

Fit Studio


Becky Lavelle - Pro Triathlete

Brian Lavelle - Pro Triathlete

Rudy Garcia-Tolson - Challenged Athletes Foundation