All Bikes are Assembled by Professional Mechanics

You might be surprised to learn that bicycles are not completely assembled at the factory. It's true. They're actually delivered to us disassembled and in a box, and we spend about an hour (depending on the model) assembling, tuning and testing every bike (at no additional charge to you). Our technicians are always prepared to make adjustments and provide advice should you need assistance during a purchase or after a sale.

First Year Adjustments are Free!

Bicycles are machines that require maintenance. One of the most important services is the first one, which is due after you've ridden your new bike for a few weeks. During this time, cables might stretch, spokes may loosen and adjustments could change. We provide free adjustments(up to $600 value) where we thoroughly check all systems for the entire first year you own your bike!

Our Services

  • Pro Tune Up
  • Custom Wheel Building
  • Carbon Repair
  • Custom Paint
  • Bling Work
  • Race Prep Pack and Ship
  • Suspension Work
  • Drivetrain Modifications
  • Basic Tune Up

Basic 22 Point Tune Up

  • Check Cables
  • Check Chain Wear
  • Check Cassette Wear
  • Check Chainring Wear
  • Check Brakepad Wear
  • Check Tire Wear
  • Check/adjust Front Derailleur Wear
  • Check/adjust Rear Derailleur Wear
  • Check/adjust Front Brake
  • Check/adjust Rear Brake
  • Check/adjust Front Hub
  • Check/adjust Rear Hub
  • Check/adjust Headset
  • Check Torque Setting On Handlebar Stem
  • Check tightness and seatpost Clamp
  • Check/adjust Wheel Tru
  • Check Spoke Tightness
  • Check Wheel Tightness
  • Check/adjust Crankset
  • Check/adjust Pedals
  • Check Bottom Bracket Wear
  • Wipe Down Bike