Our Dream Team

We are so fortunate to have a dream team on staff ready to help. Rachelle Ortega is our Pro Cyclist, Certified Nutritionist and Ride/Event Organizer. Kelsey Withrow is our Pro Triatlete and the Concept Cyclery Multisport Professional Coach, and of course Jennifer Hollibaugh is our resident Positive Energy Machine and Co-Owner(winning triathlete and Xterra athlete too!). Feel free to reach out to anyone of them at anytime if you have specific questions about how they can help you achieve your cycling, nutritional, triathlete, xterra, running, swimming...etc. goals!



Women's Day Group Ride

We had our Inaugural Women's Day Ride and it was a hit! So much so, that the request was made to keep it going so that is exactly what we are going to do! Once a month through the entire summer we will be hosting this very special event.

This is truly more of an event than a ride. Each ride starts with coffee and bagels in the morning with nutrition samples provided free of charge so don't fill those water bottles till you get to the store. Why not try out a new nutritional product on us!

When the group gets back the real party begins! Special sales including riding gear, bikes and nutrition. This sale is only for the women signed up for the group ride so make sure you sign up prior to the events to register. Sign up is easy, just e-mail us at info@womensdayride.com. Once you are on the group list and registered, details will go out prior to each ride.

You want to come along and join in on the fun but not sure how to get involved? No problem...just e-mail us at info@womensdayride.com. Remember this ride splits up into different riding levels, so do not worry about skill levels!

Women riding

Women in the Sport

Are you new to cycling? Or are you just coming back to join in on the fun again? Maybe you just want to enjoy one of the best forms of exercise for cardio and weight loss.

Women ridingSome shops can be very intimidating for first timers or for those out of the sport for a few years. We have spent a great deal of time and effort focusing on women in our sport. We are huge supporters of the “Designs For Women” initiative. We would like the opportunity to become your shop of choice.

It is possible to be a pro-level shop and still serve all our customers no matter their experience. The difference is the dedication of our employees to your satisfaction.

There are some important decisions to make at the beginning of your journey that will directly effect your level of enjoyment. The right product choices with special attention paid to proper sizing is critical. We are fanatical about fit. Our staff is continually trained to insure we can provide the best fit possible.

We have developed a fitting program designed exclusively for women coming back into our sport.  There is NO need for pain in our sport. We will insure you are put onto the right bike for your desired experience and guide you through “fit phases” as you grow in your experience.

Designs for Women

“Women’s Specific” is a term that has been used by many manufactures over the last few years. Few have approached this market with the dedication that Specialized has.

The team empowered with the important task of developing Designs for Women at Specialized is incredibly dedicated and passionate.

Our challenge is to equal this performance in design execution with as excellent a performance in retailing.

We are fortunate to have a women co-owner that is as passionate about cycling as the design team is at Specialized.

We have focused on making the store as comfortable for women as it is for men. This means taking into account things like comfortable dressing rooms.

Our selection of apparel and accessories for women is second to none. We are bringing in new products on a regular basis and will continue to do our best to keep the selection fresh and ever changing.

Are you just getting started in cycling, or maybe coming back to this wonderful sport? We can help get you started with all the right gear and insure your journey is easy and fun!